Bison UTV800 Schematic Diagram of Electrical Components System

This is UTV 800 bison industrial field application vehicle which is equipped with 800cc, 3-cylinder, 4-stroke, water cooling, automatic with reverse and 4 wheel drive. This industrial vehicle is able to produce 34.45hp power output@5500rpm with shaft drive transmission mode to provide simple application with excellent functionality. This vehicle uses electric starting system with 12V.45Ah battery power source which is easy to maintain. Here we have electrical system information of this vehicle which can be very helpful during the electrical system reparation process to bring comprehensive guidance. Bison UTV800 schematic diagram describes the electrical components connection and the positioning of each components to prevent electrical failure problem. Bison UTV800 schematic diagram also provides image symbols on each component to show it function to avoid wrong electric system configuration. The electrical system of this vehicle is powered by 12V battery power source which connected through wires. Bison UTV800 schematic diagram is consisting of battery, starter, starter relay, ignition lock, generator, oil pressure warning lamp, parking light, parking stop, stop light, backup lamp, flasher, turn indicator, position lamp relay, high beam relay, low beam relay, kilometer speedometer, water temperature indicator, current distributor, spark plug, electric gasoline pump, motor-fan, lift electric motor, winch electric motor, horn, 4WD motor, 4WD switch, etc. Bison UTV800 electrical maintenance process should be based on this configuration to avoid any electrical problems on the system.

see Bison UTV800 schematic diagram diagram here

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