Bilge Pump Wiring Diagram of CSY 44 Sailing Boat

This is CSY 44 or Cygnet 44 a sailing boat designed by Hamlin and Schmitt during 1977 to 1980. This boat has 44-feet monohull aft-cockpit, fiberglass masthead sloop with pilot house option from Caribbean Sailing Yachts corp. Here is the bilge pump wiring diagram of CSY 44 sailing boat which explains the internal electrical system of this boat. It also describes parts positioning and components serial number to provide optimal guidance during the boat maintenance or parts replacement process. This bilge pump wiring diagram is presented with cable color coding information and signal direction from one component to another. Bilge pump wiring diagram of CSY 44 is consisting of water proof j-box, water proof connector, diesel x-fer pump, aft drain sump, bilge pump 200 gph, bolge pump 400gph, diode, relay 4 pole double throws, toggle switch 4 pole double throw, alarm system, gen set oil, gen set water, engine exhaust, etc. Besides explaining the bilge pump system this wiring diagram also brings the electrical configuration of the boat alarm system.

see CSY 44 Bilge Pump Wiring Diagram here

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