BC-312 Radio Receiver Schematic Wiring Diagram

BC-312 radio receiver has been used in US military since the World War II to provide excellent communication system and optimal functionality. Manufactured by Farmsworth television and radio cooperation, this high frequency band coverage radio receiver is designed with 24V DC and 6V tubes in the series filament strings with 12A6 audio output tube in series with a resistor. BC 312 has the frequency range of 1.5-18MHz and powered by RA-20 power supply to provide excellent power transmission and stability 110VAC 60Hz power input on its application. Here is schematic wiring diagram of BC-312 radio receiver which consists of signal antenna, audio disabling circuit, tube heater circuit, rectifier RA-20, main tuning, band change, CW OSC control, audio VT66, volume control, etc.

see schematic wiring diagram of BC-312 radio receiver here

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