Basic Wiring Diagram of Saftronics S-10 Micro AC Drive

This is S-10 micro AC drive that is manufactured by Saftronics and designed for general-purpose constant torque applications up to 3HP. This product is dedicated to supply the micro AC drive market from 1/8 3HP 115V, 230V, and 460V or three phase input with a low-cost. S-10 is integrated with field proven PWM technology drive and powerful software platform to create flexibility and user-friendly programming process. This product is supported with adjustable torque boost and DC injection braking to create superior reliability during its application. Here is the basic wiring diagram of S-10 AC Micro Drive that consists of AC inputs, multi-functions inputs, speed pot, braking resistor, trip relay, test points, grounding, etc.

see the basic wiring diagram of S-10 AC Micro Drive here

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