Basic LED Wiring of Tamiya Mad Bison RC-car

This is Mad Bison RC-truck that is manufactured by Tamiya and supported with high quality 2.5mm thick duralumin & fiberglass reinforced nylon chassis. This RC-car is suitable for off-road application since it is integrated with four double wishbone suspension and elongated suspension arms to create optimal traction on roughest surfaces. Completed with 2.5cc FS-15LT engine, mad bison provides real engine sounds and great power to create superior performance with recoil starter for easy operation. Here is the basic LED wiring of Tamiya Mad Bison RC-car that is consists of LED, anode long lead (+), cathode short lead (-), female BEC plug, Male BEC plug, small switch, ESC/MSC, RX, etc.

see the basic LED wiring of Tamiya Mad Bison RC here

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