Basic Honda 4 Cylinder Motorcycle Wiring Diagram

This is basic old Honda motorcycle wiring diagram for 4 cylinder engine style. This is work, for example your Honda VFR. This 12 volt electric motorcycle wiring diagram begin from headlight to taillight. So wires connection between starter switch, dimmer switch, regulator, rectifier, alternator, key switch, cylinder and more. Interesting thing is, you can learn the R/R’s (regulator and rectifier combo device) of your Honda bike. Here basic electrical diagram for almost all old honda 4-cylinder.

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  1. Hi,
    I have a 5-Wire Regulator Rectifier unit. Wires coming out of the rectifier facing me is: Black, Red, Yellow, White & Green.
    This is a WUFLP(FLP0806) 5-Wire Regulator Rectifier.

    If I have a bike that generates 3-phase AC Voltage or single phase AC Voltage & want to Rectify & Regulate the AC Voltage to DC,
    *How do I connect this unit to the Bike’s Stator wires & wich wires on the unit is the regulated DC Voltage that can be used, say like for a headlamp on the bike?

  2. Good

  3. rashan anusha says:

    i want study bik wiring

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