Back-up Camera Wiring Diagram of VW Golf MKIV

Volkswagen Golf MK6 is a compact family car which is designed for daily-driving performance. This vehicle comes is many optional variants with various engine specifications. Golf MK6 is available in 3-door/ 5-door hatch back or 5-door wagon. Here is back-up camera wiring diagram of VW Golf MKIV which is presented with colorized configuration to provide easy readability during the maintenance. This wiring diagram is dedicated to provide reliable technical data and to avoid electrical system failure during camera installation or maintenance. This back-up camera wiring diagram is also describing cable connection information with comprehensive image description. It can be seen that the blue and green cables should be connected to pin 3 on reverse light cluster. It consists of new badge, reverse light, reverse signal, boot loom, golf VI rear badge loom, 12V battery. Please do not modify any components positioning on this configuration to avoid electrical problems.

see Back-up Camera Wiring Diagram here

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