Audio Wiring Diagram of 1977 Mercedes-Benz C230

1977 Mercedes-Benz C230 is a luxury-class car which is dedicated to provide comfortable driving experience. This vehicle is equipped with 2.2L engine 4 cylinders with dual camshaft to provide reliable engine performance. Here we have Audio wiring diagram of 1977 Mercedes-Benz C230 which is presented with colorized electrical configuration to create easy readability configuration. This audio wiring diagram also describes cable color coding information and the connection of each component in order to provide comprehensive guidance during the maintenance process. It consists of Alpine CVA-1000, accele TV THR4, Panasonic cx-dv 1500, sateca 641m, playstation, cadence A2, cadence a7hc, alpine cha-1214, alpine NAV-N851A alpine ERA G-100, JVC KZ-V10, MB Quart RWC 160, MB Quart PSC 213, etc. Please do not modify any component positioning on this audio wiring diagram to avoid electrical problem.

see Audio Wiring Diagram here

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