ATU-30 Circuit Diagram Auditory Trainer System

This is ATU-30 auditory trainer circuit diagram that is designed to provide information of internal circuitry system of the device. This rechargeable battery powered auditory training unit allows dual link system for two users. This device is also integrated with switchable 2:1 automatic gain control to create excellent auditory performance. ATU-30 circuit diagram is consisting of internal components of the device with complete explanation on voltage capacity and signal direction. The components of ATU-30 circuit diagram are attenuator resistor, headset, bass cut, diodes, rechargeable battery version description, dry battery version, mains version, on/off switch, etc. It is important to remember that the components position should be based on this diagram any mistake on placement may cause malfunction of other electrical problem on the device.

see ATU-30 auditory trainer circuit diagram here

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