ASUS A3E Schematic Diagram of Motherboard Components Description

ASUS A3E PC notebook is designed for mobile elite computer system with Intel Centrino processor supported with Windows XP professional for advanced networking connectivity. This PC notebook is very suitable for multimedia application since it is completed with camera and dual layer DVD recorder to provide video conferencing activity or movie making. Here we have information that can be useful on A3E maintenance process with clear components description and positioning of its motherboard system. ASUS A3E schematic diagram shows motherboard parts name, the components connection and the signal direction which is processed in Dothan CPU system. ASUS A3E schematic diagram is consisting of CPU Dothan MCH-M alviso, DDR-SO-DIMM, ICH6-M, lvds, CRT, TV out, Mini PCI 802.11, R5C841, Azalia CODEC, MDC header, HDD, CD ROM, etc. ASUS A3E schematic shows the data direction process on the laptop motherboard system to provide easy installation process. It is important to notice that part positioning is fixed thus any reparation process should be based on this configuration.

see ASUS A3E schematic diagram here

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