Apollo G&N System Schematic of the Internal Hardware Configuration

One of the most important systems of the Apollo spacecraft is the Guidance and Navigation System (G&N), which played a leading role in landing the first men-on-the-moon at precise locations and helped in the three very successful ferry flights to the Skylab space station. The G&N system is semi-automatic, directed and operated by the three-man crew. Since it has important aspect on spacecraft operation, thus there should be a reliable data on the system’s hardware configuration to prevent electrical problem during the device performance. Here we have Apollo G&N system schematic which describes the internal hardware configuration. This schematic is consisting of computer subsystem, Apollo guidance computer, spacecraft, inertial subsystem, optical subsystem, etc. It also describes the hardware process from one component to another. Apollo G&N system schematic explains the signal correlation on the hardware system with signal direction information among the components. Apollo G&N system schematic is dedicated to bring comprehensive information and reliable data that can be useful during Apollo G&N hardware system maintenance process.

see Apollo G&N System Schematic here

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