Antenna De-icer Schematic Diagram with Dual-Setting Thermostat Installation

Manufactured by Shively Labs, Antenna De-icer is dedicated to create excellent anti acing performance on radiating elements in mild to moderate icing conditions. This device offers optimal physical protection with minimal installation cost on antenna installation. Antenna De-icer schematic diagram is consisting of clear description on internal parts of the device with color code explanation to help the technician during installation process. Antenna De-icer schematic diagram explains the system installation with dual setting thermostat assembly to provide ideal operating temperature to prevent ice forming. Antenna De-icer schematic diagram consists of, control box door, main control box which consists of: thermostat circuit fuses, line fuses, main switch 30-amp rated, main contractor. There is also information of ideal opening and closing temperature on dual setting thermostat. Antenna De-icer uses 3 different junction boxes in the system such as top bay junction box, intermediate or bottom bay junction box, and tower junction box which are connected to antenna bays.

see antenna de-icer dual setting thermostat schematic diagram here

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