All Season Rubber Front Floor Mat for E 39 5 Series BMW with ½” Deep Channels from BMW

This product is dedicated to the 1997-2003 BMW E 39 5 Series owners to create better interior appearance with optimal investment protection which is spectacular. Manufactured by BMW, this all season front floor mat is well designed with durable 100% pure rubber mats feature ½” deep channels that is functional to trap water, slush, snow and dirt. This product brings optimal reliability on its application since it will not crack, curl of stiffen in any temperature, especial toward heating caused by car performance. This front floor mat comes in medium brown/ beige color finish that creates elegant-calm sensation inside the cabin. This product is available in 12”H X 20”L X 12”W with 11 Pounds weighing that is ready to be installed on your E 39 5 Series BMW without any complicated installation process.

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