Alfa Romeo Charging Circuit Wiring Diagram

charging circuit diagram alfa romeo regulator part

This is charging circuit diagram for Alfa Romeo car, including Giulia super, 1750 berlina, 1750 GT veloce, and 1750 spider veloce. The charging circuit wiring diagram consist of alternator, voltage regulator, and warning light. The wiring diagram keys as follows:

1. Battery

2. Switch

3. To accessory circuits

4. Warning light

5. Regulator

6. Alternator

7. Stator winding

8. Field winding

9. Field current diode rectifier

10. Output current diode rectifier

D+/61 field rectifier terminal: connected to regulator terminal D+/61 and to warning light.

DF field input terminal: connected to regulator terminal DF.

B+ battery terminal

D- ground terminal: connected to regulator D-.

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