Air Conditioning Wiring Diagram of Mitsubishi Mighty Max

The Mitsubishi Mighty Max is a compact pickup truck produced by Mitsubishi Motors and designed for heavy duty driving application. This vehicle is equipped with optional diesel engine or petrol engine to provide superior performance on all terrain. Here we have air conditioning wiring diagram of Mitsubishi Mighty Max which explains the internal components system and the connection of them in easy readability configuration. This air conditioning wiring diagram is dedicated to provide reliable technical aid during the vehicle air conditioning system maintenance. It is also completed with voltage direction information to prevent electrical failure or other electrical problems. Mitsubishi Mighty Max is consisting of main fusible link, sub fusible link, ignition, multi-purpose fuse, generator, discharge gas temperature sensor, air conditioning compressor clutch, air conditioning engine coolant temperature switch, dual pressure switch, air conditioning compressor clutch relay, ECM, ignition switch, etc. It is important to notice that this configuration is only suitable for Mitsubishi Mighty Max not for other Mitsubishi car variants.

see Air Conditioning Wiring Diagram of Mitsubishi Mighty Max here

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