88 Fleetline Wiring Diagram of Ignition System with Voltage Direction Explanation

This is 88 Fleetline that was manufactured by Oliver in 1940s with large vehicle body dimensions and bigger engine capacity. It was equipped with gasoline 6-cyclinder engine to bring excellent performance on its application. Here is 88 Fleetline wiring diagram that explains the ignition system of this vehicle with complete image description and cables information. It also brings information of voltage direction from fuse box to other components with color coding explanation. The green cable is connected to L terminal and the red cable is connected to B terminal. 88 Fleetline wiring diagram is consisting of fuse box, red cable, green cable, battery, fuses, preheater, starter, relay, tail light, flood light, dash& headlight etc. The ignition system of 88 Fleetline tractor is powered by 12V battery which is directed to all components trough wires. 88 Fleetline wiring diagram is very useful during reparation or maintenance process.

see 88 Fleetline tractor wiring diagram here

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