4pc Neon Electric Diagram on Vehicle Installation

In automotive, neon lighting has special function to create attractive look on the vehicle that will add aesthetic touch on vehicle appearance. 4Pc underbody neon is commonly used on vehicle modification and can be easily installed with simple wiring and connection block. Sometimes there still difficulties on 4pc neon installation caused by wrong electrical configuration. Here is 4pc neon electric diagram which is very useful during installation and maintenance process to bring optimal cost or time efficiency. This electric diagram is consisting of zenar diodes, neon transformer, 4pc neon, and ground which are powered by 12v battery power source. This electric diagram is dedicated to create optimal guidance during maintenance process and avoid wrong configuration which may lead electrical problem. 4pc neon electric diagram is presented with colored cable description to create easy readability and easy-to-understand configuration. It is important to notice that the diodes used must be in the same orientation in the circuit.

see pc Neon Electric Diagram here

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