GM Detector System Schematic of the Internal Electrical Configuration

GM remote detector system electrical configuration schematic

GM remote detector system is dedicated for medical application to provide excellent monitoring detection that can be very useful for patient healthcare. This device is also functional for medical study application and consisting of palmtop-compatible personal computer, specialized software, PCMCIA modem with user friendly interface for accurate detection and shortened hospital stays for therapy inpatients.

Pavilion DV6000t Block Diagram of the Internal Electrical System

HP Pavilion DV6000 electrical system block Diagram

Manufactured by HP Pavilion dv6000t is a business notebook with Intel Core2Duo processor and Intel 940GML chipset for reliable computer system. This device is also supported with DDRIISDRAM and Intel Graphic Media Accelerator graphic processor for excellent performance on light duty multimedia application. Since it is designed on everyday application there is a potential problem on internal electrical system thus we should know how to deal with the problem by learning the electrical configuration of this device.

Logic Board Schematic of Apple Macintosh 512K

Apple Macintosh 512k logic board schematic diagram

This is logic board schematic which is dedicated for Macintosh 512k vintage computer system. Apple Macintosh 512k probably the last major computing system completely designed on a single sheet of paper.

CT-1024 Terminal System Schematic of the Main Board PC System

CT1024 simpel communication device terminal system schematic

The CT-1024 Terminal System kit is a low cost alphanumeric character generator designed to simultaneously display sixteen lines of 32 characters on a standard video monitor or slightly modified television set. This electronic device allows simple message display and data on the tv screen which can be very useful as communication device.

Personal Computer Block Diagram of the Motherboard System

personal computer internal mainboard system schematic diagram

This is personal computer (PC) block diagram which describes the correlation between the motherboard and other peripherals during the computer operation. Personal computer has been used for decades to support people needs on reliable electronic device for business or education computing application.

Apple Lisa Schematic Diagram of the Motherboard System Configuration

Apple lisa computer motherboard system schematic diagram

Lisa was a personal computer which was manufactured by Apple during the early 1980’s with graphical user interface to provide powerful computer performance for business application. This device was integrated with Apple ProFile external hard disk and 5.2 inch floppy drives for optimal media storage system.

Apollo G&N System Schematic of the Internal Hardware Configuration

apollo G&N system hardware internal schematic diagram

One of the most important systems of the Apollo spacecraft is the Guidance and Navigation System (G&N), which played a leading role in landing the first men-on-the-moon at precise locations and helped in the three very successful ferry flights to the Skylab space station. The G&N system is semi-automatic, directed and operated by the three-man crew. Since it has important aspect on spacecraft operation, thus there should be a reliable data on the system’s hardware configuration to prevent electrical problem during the device performance.

Acer Aspire5100 Wiring Diagram of the Motherboard System

Acer Aspire 5100 notebook Motherboard wiring diagram

Acer Aspire is a notebook which is equipped with AMD Turion 64 X2 mobile technology to bring excellent computing performance and suitable for heavy duty gaming application. It has ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 graphic card chipset with 1GB RAM capacity that can be expanded for up to 4GB. Since it is designed for heavy duty computing application, this device has potential problem on its internal electrical system and we should know how to deal with it

IQ –VFO Control Board Schematic of the Internal Electric System

iq-vfo electronic device control board image

IQ-VFO is an electronic device that has been used on many electronic projects related with computer and radio programming. IQ-VFO has optical encoder for frequency selection and still uses LCD for displaying the frequency. This device operates as two VFO’s with two frequencies and uses two PIC microcontrollers one for optical encoder and the other controlling the LCD, pushbuttons and the LEDs.

Titanic Wireless Radio Schematic of the Internal Radio Components Connections

Titanic Wireles radio communication system Schematic diagram

This is Titanic wireless radio schematic which uses 1 ½ kw Marconi Converter set during the ship’s communication activity. This schematic diagram is consisting of internal electrical system of the Marconi wireless communication system with complete parts positioning. Titanic wireless radio schematic is completed with voltage direction information from one component to others.

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