Cobra 2010 GTLWX Schematic of the Internal PCB Layout

Cobra 2010 GTLWX internal PCB layout schematic

This is Cobra 2010 GTL WX 40 channels citizen band transceiver designed by Cobra with frequency range of 26.965-27.405MHz. This device has 4W SM and 12W SSB power output with optimal reliability for heavy duty radio communication operation.

Electrical Circuit System Schematic of 1997 Hyundai Accent

electrical circuit system schematic of 1997 hyundai accent

This is Hyundai Accent sub-compact class car which is manufactured by Hyundai to meet people demands on compact design city car. The 1997 Hyundai Accent is equipped with standard 1.5L I4 DOHC engine capacity to produce 74kW @ 6000rpm and max torque of 134N-m @ 4000 rpm. This vehicle offers comfortable driving activity with excellent exterior appearance.

Mesa MarkIIB Schematic of the Internal Electrical System

mesa boogie MarkIIB guitar amplifier schematic diagram

This is Mesa Mark IIB guitar amplifier which designed by Mesa and is credited as the first guitar amplifier with a tube-buffered effects loop which was placed between two critical gain stages, and tended to overdrive some instrument level effects. The Mark IIB’s front control panel is identical to that of the IIA. The two input jacks on the front panel are marked input and foot switch and the rear control panel was altered to accommodate the FX Send and Return jacks.

Fuel Pump Schematic Diagram of 1964 Ford F-Truck

1964 ford trucks fuel pump schematic diagram

This is Ford F-truck the fourth generation schematic diagram which consists of the internal fuel pump components system with explanation on the components positioning. 1964 Ford F-truck was manufactured by Ford Motor Company and equipped with 223 CID I6 engine to produce 114hp power output. This vehicle was designed for on road or off road application with excellent reliability for heavy duty application.

Cobra 148GTL Circuit Diagram of the Internal Electrical Components

Cobra 148GTL 40-channel 9 foot microphone cord

This is Cobra 148 GTL CB radio which is designed to provide excellent radio communication performance through its 40-AM and 80 SSB channels. It is also completed with 9 foot microphone cord and SWR calibration to bring simple application with superior capability.

Cobra 132XLR Schematic Diagram of the Internal Electrical System

Cobra 132lxr internal electrical system schematic diagram

Cobra 132 XLR is a solid state, citizens’ band, two-way, mobile radio manufactured by the Cobra Communications Product Group subdivision of Dynascan Corporation, circa 1977. This CB radio is equipped with 4 watts for the AM band, and up to 12 watts for the single-side band (SSB) power transmitter. The transmitter includes a display indicating transmitter activation, radio frequency output strength and modulation percentage.

Cobra 140GTL Circuit Diagram of the Internal Components System

cobra 140GTL internal components system circuit diagram

Cobra 140GTL is a 40 channels CB radio which has some features to provide optimal radio communication performance. This device is fitted with volume control panel, squelch RF gain and voicelock clarifier with easy application.

Cobra 29WXNWST Circuit Diagram of the Internal Electrical Component System

29wxst delta tune control nightwatch cb radio

This is Cobra 29WXNWST night watch series CB radio with Delta Tune Control and SWR Cal Control technology to provide excellent communication capability. This device is also fitted with heavy duty microphone with 9′ Cord Front Mic Connector for excellent sound clarity during the radio performance. Thanks to the unique, solid-state, electro-luminescent backlighting is powered by a dedicated integrated circuit to maximize night vision while minimizing eye fatigue.

Cobra HH38WXST Block Diagram of the Internal Electrical System

cobra hh38wxst 40chanel CB radio block diagram

The Cobra HH38WXST CB radio offers reliable, noise-free communication in a compact design which is very suitable for high mobility radio communication performance. This device is equipped with sophisticated SoundTracker noise reduction technology to provide excellent communication performance.

Cobra 75WXST Circuit Diagram of the Internal Circuit System

cobra 75WXST 40channel CB radio circuit diagram

This sleek, compact mobile CB radio can quickly and accurately scan through all 40 CR channels. Cobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB Radio is integrated with LCD display shows the channel number, incoming signal strength, and RE power output in digital or normal CB channel readout. It comes with unique design microphone for comfortable radio communication experience with simultaneous 2 channels monitoring through its dual watch function.

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