Wiring Diagram of 1967 Plymouth Belvedere Muscle Car


Plymouth muscle car was very famous on worldwide because of its performance and artistic design that was admirable. This one is Plymouth 1967 Belvedere that was truly designed to create pride and satisfaction on driving experience with excellent engine performance. This car was equipped with 375-bhp 440-cid V8 engine to create higher torque performance with [...]

Wiring Diagram of 2009 Gilera DNA 50


This is DNA 50 that was manufactured by Gilera in 2009 and equipped with 1 cylinders, 2-strokes with 49cc engine capacity. Gilera is integrated with water cooled-cooling system to create reliability and optimal riding performance that is enjoyable. This bike is supported with carburetor fuel supply system with digital ignition system and able to produce [...]

Wiring Diagram of Honda C70 Super Cub 72cc


The Honda C70 was a 72cc version of the Honda Super Cub as the successor of 63cc Honda C65 in 1970. This motorcycle was equipped with 72cc air cooled single overhead cam engine that is able to produce 4.4 cu in and supported with semi automatic 3-speed gearbox to bring 40 mph (65km/h) on its [...]

Wiring Diagram of Dodge Coronet the Fifth Generation (1965-1967)


This is Dodge Coronet the Fifth Generation that was produced during 1965-1967 by Chryslers Corporation. This can was designed with 2-door coupe/convertible and 4-door sedan/station wagon and B-body platform. Supported with 3.7-7.2 L V6-V8 engine capacity and optional 3-speed manual/automatic or 4-speed manual this product was very popular on that periods. Here you can see [...]

Wiring Diagram of Volvo PV444


The PV444 was Volvo’s first uni-body car. It was also the first Volvo in almost 20 years to come with a 4-cylinder engine. This car was powered by 1.4L-1.6L B4B//B16B 14OHV engine which was able to produce 40HP power output. Volvo P444 was designed using 2-door hatchback body style and equipped with 3-speed manual transmission. [...]

Wiring Diagram of 1973 Plymouth Barracuda (Third Generation)


The Plymouth Barracuda is a 2-door car that was manufactured by the Plymouth division of the Chrysler Corporation from 1964-1974. The first-generation Barracuda, a fastback A-body coupe based on the Plymouth Valiant, had a distinctive wrap around back glass and was available from 1964-1966. The 1970-1974 E-body Barracuda, no longer Valiant-based, was available as a [...]

Wiring Diagram of 1972 Dodge Challenger the First Generation


This is 1972 Dodge Challenger( the first generation) that was manufactured by Dodge, division of Chrysler. Dodge Challenger was designed with optional 2-doors hardtop and 2-doors convertible with 3-speed manual/ torque flite automatic and 4-speed manual transmission that was very spectacular. This car was equipped with 3.2-7.2 L v8 engine capacity and able to create [...]

Wiring Diagram of Honda CX 500 “Flying” V-Twin Engine


This bike is truly designed by Honda to create optimal performance and satisfaction during riding activity. CX 500 features a crankshaft configuration aligned longitudinally with the axis of bike, sometimes called a “flying” V-twin, because the cylinders point up on either side of the motorcycle but are not symmetrical. CX 500 engine combines a 10.0:1 [...]

Wiring Diagram of 1965 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Delta


Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Delta appeared for the first time in 1965 and was manufactured by General Motors with new styling and engineering that was very spectacular during those periods. This car was equipped with optional two or three speed turbo hydra matic transmission and four-speed manual transmission that is amazing. Supported by 5.4L-7.5L V8 engine [...]

Circuit Diagram of Citroen C2 Heated Windscreen System

wiring diagram

The Citroen C2 is a supermini-class car produced by the French manufacturer Citroen since autumn of 2003, replacing the Citroen Saxo, it was built at the Aulnay plant on the outskirts of Paris. This car is designed with 3-doors hatchback body style and powered by 1.1-1.6L engine capacity and able to create optimal driving performance. [...]

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