Internal Wiring of Low-Voltage Thermostat for Electric Heating and Cooling System

low voltage thermostat

Thermostat has been applied in many houses to create an optimal interior temperature control and ideal humidity level that is demanded by many people. Interior electric thermostats are completed with many innovative features and technology to bring ultimate performance on heating/cooling process. This electric thermostat is supported with temperature setting lever, and temperature indicator to [...]

Circuit Diagram of LM4962 Audio Power Amplifier


This is LM4962 an audio power amplifier that is primarily designed for driving ceramic speaker for application in cell phones, PDA, or other portable applications. The LM4962 ceramic speaker driver provides 15V peak to peak across a bridge-tied-load (BTL) with less than 1 percent total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N) from a 3.2V DC power [...]

Wiring Diagram of Honeywell T882 Thermostat


This is Honeywell T882 thermostat that is well designed to create comfort atmosphere on interior that is enjoyable. Manufactured by Honeywell, this interior thermostat is able to create balance and ideal temperature of cooling/ heating system. Honeywell T882 is suitable to any interior design and provides superior performance with durability that is amazing. Here is [...]

Wiring Diagram of ViewSonic PT813 21 inch CRT monitor


Manufactured by ViewSonic, PT813 21 inch CRT monitor is truly designed to create functionality and high quality image/graphic display during its application. PT813 21 inch screen monitor is integrated with SonicTron aperture grille technology to create high resolution image display of 1600 x 1200, at 85Hz refresh, and 1280 x 1024m at 100Hz refresh which [...]

Wiring Diagram of Olympus C-800L Digital Camera


This is Olympus C-800L digital camera with compact size and excellent quality to create optimal picture production. This digital camera is able to display 1024 x 768 pixels image resolution and supported by some beneficial features to help the photography activity. The C-800L includes many of the features found on conventional cameras – built-in flash, [...]

Terminal Functions Diagram of SAMOD DDC Auto Changeover Thermostat

Samod Wiring

SAMOD (Stand Alone Modulation Damper Control) is a DDC auto changeover thermostat that is designed to control a fully modulating stand alone supply damper or diffuser. This product is manufactured by Zonex System and is equipped with an accurate duct sensor to facilitate changeover. SAMOD is used in standalone damper applications where independent damper control [...]

Wiring Diagram of Nuheat Solo Programmable Thermostat

Nuheat Thermostat Wiring Diagram

Manufactured by Warm Your Floor, Nuheat SOLO thermostat is well designed to create optimal performance and functionality on interior atmosphere. This fully programmable thermostat is a revolutionary dual-voltage all-in-one thermostat that is compatible to any floor heating system. Nuheat SOLO is supported with unique features such as network capability to provide centralized control and programmable [...]

Wiring Diagram of Panasonic Whisper Green Exhaust Fan FV-08VKS1


This is Panasonic WhisperGreen Exhaust Fan FV-08VKS1 that is innovatively designed with hi-tech features to create optimal performance during the application. Manufactured by Panasonic, this product is equipped with SmartFlow Optimum CFM technology that compensates for static pressure to ensure that the desired 80 cfm rate is achieved. With CustomVent Variable Speed Control technology WhisperGreen [...]

Wiring Diagram of Samsung SHT-6805 Color Video Door Phone


Manufactured by Samsung, color video door phone SHT-6805 is well designed to create superior functionality and is able to bring clarity on visitors verification. Equipped with 5” TFT LCD handsfree monitor with mount type installation system, this product is suitable to any house designs and brings clean-clear image display since it is integrated with 1/3” [...]

Schneider Electric’s Architecture Configuration Display of Simple Lighting Control Using Natural Light


This is Schneider Electric that is well known as global specialist in energy management to create optimal efficiency on energy/electric consumption on building. Here, Schneider Electric tries to show how to achieve simple lighting control using natural light and building occupation to create optimal balance between energy savings and user comfort. This configuration brings benefits [...]

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