Wiring Diagram Kawasaki KZ1000R for US and Canada Specs

us canada wiring diagram kawasaki kz1000r

The KZ1000R and its family is legendary motorbike, because its speed. This classic motorcycles usually use by police. As classic motorbike collection, you should have it. If you already have it, this KZ1000R Kawasaki motorcycle wiring diagram maybe helpful for any repair needed. This electric wiring diagram is for KZ100R United State and Canada specification. With electric schematic, you’ll be easier to do modification to this sportcruiser bike. Custom it as you likes it.

Fog Light Wiring Schematic Mustang 2005-2007 V6

fog light wiring diagram mustang V6 2005-2007 system

o provide fog light installation for your 2005-2007 V6 Mustang, here the complete mustang fog light wiring diagrams electric system. Use 5 amp fuse and battery, fog light cut-out relay connected to headlight switch and BEC high beam. Before you start to install, make sure battery disconnected. Find the white wire in the wiring harness coming out of the BEC that goes to the right side headlight on the high beam side. Take the yellow wire from the new fog light wiring harness and tap it into the white wiring coming from the BEC.

Lexus Harness 9006 hids Horn Relay Wiring Diagram

lexus air horn relay wiring diagram harness

Here Lexus typically air horn relay wiring diagram. After you bought all part required, this wiring diagram will help you about horn installation. Hope match with your requirement, because it all work in same way. Take the original headlight + wire and run that to terminal 85, then you take +12v from the battery (make sure you install a fuse, 25 amp is sufficient, 30 will work), and run that to terminal 30. Terminal 86 needs to run to ground, does not need to be high amperage, terminal 87 is the positive wire that you run to the light themselves (ground for the headlights is not run through a relay and can be any standard chassis ground).

Electric VW Passat 1993 Cooling Fan Wiring Diagram

cooling fan wiring diagrams Passat 1993 VW car

Here is the wiring diagram of VW Passat year 1993. This wiring scheme shows us connection in cooling fan modules. The cooling fan module like T4/1 as power out to coolant fn V7 – hi speed, T8e/2 as input signal for MED speed coolant fan operation from F18 coolant fan control thermal switch and/or F129 A/C pressure switch. If you have troub;e with cooling fan of your VW Passat, use this wiring diagram to trace the errors.

Amplifier Wiring Diagram Mercedes Benz 190E 2.0

audio speaker wiring diagram mercedes benz 190E

This wiring diagram is for audio stereo of 190E type Mercedes Benz. This electrical schematic useful to trace audio damaging, such as the sounds do not want come up. This wiring diagram specifies on active bass speaker system and six (6) stereo speaker. Form the antenna control 12 volts with radio and powered by fuse 13 to audio power amplifier and bass speaker output. 190E is sports sedan and the most affordable in the marque’s lineup at its era, so it really exciting Benz car. Don’t let no audio sound bother you, try to fix it with this wiring diagram

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