Engine Control Unit S60 Car and Motorcycle Wiring Diagram

ecu wiring diagram power engine connection

This is example ECU or Engine control unit wiring diagram for your car. In this example, S60 Ecu from DTA applied. This ECU car wiring diagrams need firmware V49.00 and higher. 30 Amp Fuse MUST be Fitted. The fuse is important thing in this ECU wiring diagram. The fuse protects the ECU in the case of severe errors in the wiring (12V to Sensor GND for instance). With it you cannot damage the ECU, without it you can. But, anyway, the choice is yours.

TA22 Celica 1972 18RGEU Engines Toyota Wiring Diagrams Conversion

ta22 celica wiring diagrams 18RGEU toyota

TA22 is classic Celica car and now one of finest car for drift action. If you have this car with 18RGEU engine or thinking 18RGEU for restoration projects of your TA22 Celica, here is wiring diagrams for Celica with 18RGEU conversion. 18RGEU is R engine family from Toyota with twin cam twin cam (wide angle, 45 degrees or more between the intake and exhaust valves, fuel injection, and emission package (Japan). This TA22 wiring diagrams explain the wiring from its ECU to engine sensors, ignition, light both interior lights and exterior lights, brake warning, cooler application.

Airbag Wiring Diagram Audi A6 2000 C5


This wiring diagram is for airbag of Audi A6 with C5 engines. First this diagram describes the fuse panel and micro central electric panel. Starting with fuse position 23, fuses in the fuse holder are identified with 223 in the wiring diagram. This Audi A6 airbag control module, explain the wire in side airbag, head airbag, and rear airbag. So now, you can follow the wire from ignition/starter switch to airbag spiral spring to airbag igniter with all of its connectors.

Honda Civic 2001-2003 Wiring Diagrams System Series

wiring diagrams honda civic 2001 2003

Honda civic is one of best economy sedan, didn’t it? For DIY electrical improvement and repairing, here, you can get almost complete wiring diagrams and circuit diagrams for your Honda civic 2001. The wiring diagram include here are: power distribution circuit, ground distribution circuit, anti-theft circuit, body computer circuit, computer data lines. The wiring diagrams itself explain the sensor engine, fuel injectors, and actuators.

Chevrolet Wiring Diagram V8 1959 Electrical System

1959 chevrolet wiring diagram impala convertible

If you have vintage chevy 1959 Impala, Belair or Biscayne which have 8 cylinder, here wiring diagram electric system for those 1959 Chevrolet. Basically, 1959 Chevrolet engine and chassis electrical system same as 1958. But several improvement made for better performance. The 9 plate, 53 ampere hour battery used in 1958 remains the regular production battery in 1959 for all models except those equipped with the 348 cubic inch V-8 engines.

Wiring Diagrams 1973 BMW R75/5 Four Stroke Engine Electric Systems

bmw r75/5 1973 wiring diagrams electric schematics

So you have vintage BMW motorcycle? If you have R75/5 1973, her is the wiring diagram for do it your self repair service. For latest kick starter engine of BMW bike, this bike really awesome. With four Stroke engine opposed-twin (boxer) engines with hemispherical combustion chambers, and air cooled is main engine configuration.

KLR650 1995 Wiring Diagram Electric Systems

KLR650 wiring diagrams electric systems 1995 kawasaki

KLR motorcycle series from Kawasaki is all-around bike. Maybe you already have it ;) . This is the wiring diagram for KLR650 1995 in colorful diagram. In this Kawasaki wiring diagram bike, you’ll can view various nation model wiring, such as KLR Australian model, Canadian model, West German Model, Italian, South Africa, Us, and also KLR650 A4-A1x. This kawaki wiring diagram is well explained, such as ignition switch connection information.

Wiring Diagram Toyota Supra MA70 Series Electrical Manual

supra ma70 wiring diagram manual guidlines

Supra is awesome sedan car from Toyota. If you have this car, especially MA70 series, we have electrical wiring diagram manuals for you. This wiring diagram manual has complete contain. From repair the ABS (anti-lock Brake System), Air conditioner, cooler and heater, auto antenna, back-up light, charging, cigarette lighter, clock, combination meter, cruise control, door lock, ECT (electronic controlled transmission, engine control, fog light, front wiper and washer, headlight, headlight beam level control, highlight cleaner, horn, illumination, interior light, power seat

Wiring Diagram Pickup Gibson Guitar P-94R and P-94T

gibson pickup guitar wiring diagram example system connection

Operate guitar? Here the Gibson pickup wiring diagram for best performance of your guitar. At this guidelines you’ll find useful information to use P-94R and P-94T Gibson pickup for your guitar. The P-94 pickup comes with two insulated lead wires plus a bare wire twisted with a green lead (note: there may be a red wire included, this is a “dead” lead which you may cut). Connect either the white or black lead wire to the volume control and connect the other lead to ground.

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