2005 F150 Ford Truck Wiring Diagram Power Window

For those who have supercab/supercrew Ford F150 2005 that have troubles at its power windows, may be this wiring diagram can help you. This power window wiring diagram explain switch of various window positions with power window motor, central junction box, master window adjust switch. For new body style trucks broken wire is common problem, so it recommended checking it first. Or maybe check the fuse in the central junction box and the circuit breaker. Look here the full pic of F150 2005 power window wiring diagram.


  1. ronnie says

    the passenger side window on a 1999 ford f-150 will not go back up, how do i remove the door panal

  2. James McQuagge says

    Both my front power windows in my 2005 F150 just fell down a few days apart. I cut a 25 inch piece of PVC pipe and wedged the windows in the UP position and your electrical plug diagram allowed me to just remove the correct wires from the front windows and leave the rear ones working. I just pushed the contacts from the front of the switch out the back of the switch and put some tape on them – easy to put back if I decide to get the windows fixed – probably about a $500 job. Thanks for posting this diagram.

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