2004 Opel Astra Alarm Wiring Diagram

radio control alarm wiring diagram opel astra

This is Opel Astra radio controlled alarm wiring diagram installation. This Opel alarm wiring diagram completed with the instruction how to use. Here how you should use the alarm wiring, for front indicators, connect to the BLACK/GREEN (pos.n°12 ) and BLACK/WHITE (pos.n°7 ) wires in the 62-pole black connector in the control unit positioned in the fuse box, driver’s side engine compartment, under the support for relays and fuses. Other example wiring instruction as follow, connect the alarm closing wire (ON) and the alarm opening wire (OFF) to the BROWN/WHITE (pos.n°5) wire in the 18-pole black connector on the door on/off push-button located in the central tunnel. As the car has an originally fitted transponder-controlled IMMOBILIZER, engine immobilization occurs automatically on removing the ignition key. For more complete alarm wiring diagram and instruction, see here.

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