2002 Mutant Wiring Diagram with Internal Electrical Components Description

This is 2002 Buell Mutant which was manufactured by Buell and modified by Redneck engineering. 2002 Buell mutant is equipped with 1200cc engine capacity with S&S fuel injection system to provide excellent fuel distribution. This custom modification project is dedicated to provide best looking chopper motorcycle with full artistic touch. Before doing further modification, it is best for us to take a look at 2002 Mutant wiring diagram which describes the cable color coding and the connection of each component to avoid electrical problem. 2002 Mutant Wiring diagram explains parts positioning on the internal electrical system of this motorcycle with voltage capacity requires during the motorcycle performance. It is described in the diagram that all the electrical process of this motorcycle is powered by battery power source connected through wires. 2002 Mutant wiring diagram is consisting of headlight, high beam white, low beam yellow, power inverter, ignition, ACC, start, 3 way switch for lights, spring return 4 post ignition switch, starter, ground cable to frame, voltage regulator, 30 amp fuse, brake light switch, red brake lamp, stop/tail blue, coil, etc. This wiring diagram is only suitable for 2002 Buell Mutant motorcycle, and will not work properly for other variants.

see 2002 Mutant Wiring Diagram here

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