1998 Motoguzzi Wiring Diagram of the Internal Electrical System

This is 1998 Motoguzzi cruiser motorcycle3 which ii designed to provide excellent riding experience for everyday application. This motorcycle is equipped with 1064cc V2, four stroke engine to produce 78hp@6400RPM max power output and 94Nm@500rpm torque performance. Inorder to provide excellent acceleration performance, this motorcycle is fitted with 5-speed manual transmission system moreover it is added with shaft drive transmission type. Here we have 1998 Motoguzzi wiring diagram of the internal electrical system of the motorcycle which can be very useful during the maintenance process or motorcycle reparation. 1998 Motoguzzi wiring diagram is presented with colored configuration to provide easy readability and prevent electrical configuration failure. This wiring diagram is consisting of speedometer, tachometer, turn signal, oil pressure, generator, neutral, low fuel, fuses, driving beam, parking light, traffic beam, etc. 1998 Motoguzzi is also completed with color coding information and voltage capacity required by the internal electric components of this motorcycle. It is also added with fuses list explanation and components identification on separated part. It is important to notice that this wiring diagram is fixed any modification on the electrical configuration is not recommended.

see 1998 Motoguzzi Wiring Diagram here

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