1997 Roadtrek Wiring Diagram of Electrical System Information

1997 Dodge Roadtrek is an RV with large interior capacity including sleeping capacity of 4 and very suitable for long distance traveling activity. Supported with Chevy 360 engine using gas fuel type this vehicle allows efficient energy consumption for heavy duty driving activity. Here we have 1997 Roadtrek wiring diagram which explains the internal electrical system of the vehicle to bring information that can be very useful during maintenance process. 1997 roadtrek wiring diagram explains parts positioning with cable color coding to create easy readability and avoid wrong electric configuration which may lead to short circuit problem. This wiring diagram is consisting of alternator, isolator, 50 amp breaker, 30 amp breaker, fresh water tank, black water tank, grey water tank, LPG gauge, k-panel, relay, load red 8awg, fuse, pump, etc. this 1997 roadtrek wiring diagram also explains the voltage capacity requires by each component complete with voltage direction from one component to another. We do hope that this wiring diagram can be very useful during 1997 roadtrek electrical system maintenance process.

see 1997 Roadtrek Wiring Diagram here

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