1978 Jeep CJ Complete Wiring Diagram Series (CJ-5, CJ-7, CJ-8)

If you have 1978 CJ Jeep in CJ-5, CJ-7, CJ-8 series model, this wiring diagram maybe helpful for troubleshooting. A CJ Jeep, public version of military jeep is awesome, especially classic version. In this CJ Jeep wiring diagram, you’ll get all scheme wire. From headlamp, electronic ignition pack, brake failure switch until instrument cluster rear view, rear lamp circuit diagram. If you still confuse to understand the diagram pic, there is a key location for better explanation. For example, alternator/regulator (Delco) V-8 has location at A-2 on the pics. Kickdown and Quadra-Trac Switch Connector has location at E2 and E3. You can view full Jeep CJ 1978 wiring diagram here or here for doc format and key location here.

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