1977 Johnson Wiring Diagram of Instrument Panel System

Johnson Outboard motor is manufactured by Johnson Motor to provides excellent boating performance. This outboard motor comes in some series with different specifications for different applications. Here we are going to discuss 1977 Johnson 10E motor whichis equipped with 2-stroke gasoline-powered engine with electric starting system. This outboard motor has 10hp power production and is equipped with 2 cylinders. Here we have 1977 Johnson wiring diagram which describes instrument panel system complete with the components positioning. This wiring diagram explains the components connection with voltage capacity and direction to create comprehensive guidance during reparation process. 1977 Johnson wiring diagram also provides color coding informaton to avoid electrical failure and wrong wires connection that leads to system malfunction. The wire colors information is available in separated column to bring simple readability. 1977 Johnson outboard wiring diagram is consisting of ignition switch, anchor switch, battery ground, 12V battery, fuse/breaker panel, master, switches, temp sender, tach sense, fuel sender, etc.

see 1977 Johnson outboard motor instrument panel wiring diagram here

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