1973 Norton Commando Wiring Diagram

1973 Norton Commando is a sport touring motorcycle which is designed with excellent engine performance to brings satisfaction on riding experience. It is equipped with 828L, twin, 4-stroke engine to produce 191km/h top speed performance. Here we have 1973 Norton Commando wiring diagram which is presented with colorized electrical configuration. This wiring diagram is dedicated to provide excellent guidance and reliable data during the motorcycle maintenance. It describes the exact components positioning and signal direction from one component to another. 1973 Norton Commando wiring diagram is consisting of RH handle bar switch, front brake, LH handle bar switch, two position light switch, flasher warning light, electronic flasher, alternator, power port, ignition switch, fuse block, dyna coil, tri-spark, etc. it is also completed with cable color coding information and components serial number to bring authentic data and excellent technical aid during the motorcycle reparation or maintenance.

see 1973 Norton Commando Wiring Diagram here

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