1967 SR311 Wiring Diagram of the Internal Electrical System

1967 SR311 is a sport car manufactured by Datsun and also known as Fairlady 2000 sports. This vehicle has 1.982L engine capacity and 4-in-line cylinder to produce 150bhp@6000rpm power output with 19.1m-kg@4800rpm maximum torque. Fairlady 2000 sports has 5-speed synchromesh manual transmission to provide excellent acceleration performance during the car operation. Here we have 1967 SR311 wiring diagram which describes the internal electrical system of this device with components positioning and voltage direction form on e part to another. This wiring diagram is also completed with wire color coding information to prevent electrical configuration failure during the vehicle maintenance. 1967 SR311 wiring diagram is consisting of headlight, fog light, voltage regulator, A.C generator, transmitter, starter motor, ignition coil, washer motor, fog light, resister ignition, flasher unit, horn relay, fuse block, wiper motor, ignition switch, rheostat, pilot L, tachometer, oil pressure gauge, speedometer, clock, fuel ammeter, heater switch, etc. It is important to notice that this 1967 SR311 wiring diagram is fixed any modification on its configuration may lead to electrical malfunction.

see 1967 SR311 Wiring Diagram here

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