1967 Riviera Wiring Diagram of the Chassis Electrical System

The second generation of Buick Riviera was manufactured during 1966-1970 by Buick using 2-door hardtop body style. It was equipped with 7.0-7.5L V8 engine and integrated with 3-speed ST-400 automatic transmission system. Buick Riviera the second generation can be classified as vintage car, thus it requires maintenance process to keep the excellent performance of this vehicle. Here is 1967 Riviera wiring diagram which describes the chassis electrical system of the vehicle. This wiring diagram offers complete information on the vehicle electrical system components with parts positioning to provide comprehensive guidance during maintenance process. It is also completed with cable color code information to avoid wrong electrical configuration which may lead to electrical failure or short circuit problem. 1967 Riviera wiring diagram is consisting of starter motor, starter solenoid, battery, retractable control motor and switches, water temperature sending unit, distributor, distributor cap, coil, idle switch, trans control switch, heater blower motor, washer, power antenna motor, E.C amplifier, instrument panel, fuel gauge, illuminator lights, engagement switch electric cruise, cluster, console, steering column, etc. All the components on 1967 Riviera wiring diagram is powered by battery power source.

see 1967 Riviera Wiring Diagram here

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