1967 Dodge Charger Engine Compartment Wiring Diagram

This is Dodge charger that has been produced since 1966-1978 by Chrysler Corporation with 2-door coupe body style and supported with 5.2L-7.2L V8 engine and optional 3-speed/4-speed manual transmission. In 1967 The 440 magnum was added and applied a 383 cu in 6.3 L engine, thus this 440 was able to produce 375hp with a single 4-barrel carburetor. Here is the engine compartment wiring diagram of 1967 Dodge Charger that consists of right headlamps, alternator, distributor, tachometer feed, air conditioning compressor, low oil pressure switch, temperature gauge sending unit, right closing limit switch, right open limit switch, ground, left dual headlamps, right dual headlamps, starter motor, battery, horn relay, left headlamps, left park and turn signal, fender turn indicator, fusible link, bulkhead disconnect, instrument panel wiring, brake warning lamp switch, neutral safety switch, alternator regulator, windshield wiper motor, backup lamp switch, ignition ballast resistance, dash panel, air conditioning motor, and windshield washer motor.

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