1959 Mercury Wiring Diagram of Power Seat System

This is 1959 Mercury full-size car manufactured by Mercury the division of Ford Motor Company started in 1950. The 1959 Mercury comes in optional sedan, convertible and coupe body styling and equipped with 5.8L, six cylinder V8 engine to produce 352 cu in. Here is 1959 Mercury wiring diagram of the power seat system which is presented in black and white configuration with complete components connection information. This wiring diagram is also describing parts identification completed with voltage direction from one part to another. 1959 Mercury wiring diagram is completed with cable color coding information in alphabetical to create reliable technical data during the power seat maintenance. This wiring diagram is consisting of seat regulator switch (horizontal), seat regulator switch (vertical), seat relay, junction block, ignition switch, circuit c\breaker, seat regulator motor(horizontal), seat regulator motor(vertical), seat regulator control relay(vertical), seat regulator control relay (horizontal), motor wafer switch(vertical), motor wafer switch(horizontal). 1959 Mercury wiring diagram also provides voltage capacity on some parts as in circuit breaker which has 10 amp and 15 amp.

see 1959 Mercury Wiring Diagram here

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