1957 Hudson Wiring Diagram of Complete Internal Electrical System

The Hudson Hornet was produced by Hudson Motor Company between 1951 and 1954. The Hornet was also built by AMC (American Motor Corporation) during1955-1957. The 1957 Hornet had 327 cubic 255 HP engine and available in super/custom series with 4-door sedan and 2-door hardtop body design. This classic car has electrical system that requires maintenance due to the heavy duty application through decades. This is 1957 Hudson wiring diagram which describes complete internal electrical system of the vehicle and parts positioning. This wiring diagram also explains cables color information and the wire connection from one component to another. 1957 Hudson wiring diagram is consisting of battery, horn relay, cut out relay, voltage regulator, distributor, temperature gauge, circuit breaker, flasher, direction signal switch, light switch, generator indicator, oil pressure sending unit, starter, high horn, oil pressure indicator, heater switch, hi-beam indicator, battery, heater motor, resistor, starter solenoid, condenser, coil, etc. This wiring diagram is dedicated for 1957 Hudson all models, as a comprehensive guidance during the reparation process. All components serial number and positioning described in the wiring is fixed, any modification any cause electrical problem.

see 1957 Hudson Wiring Diagram diagram here

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