1929 Theremin Wiring Diagram of Internal Radio Circuit System

RCA Theremin is a vintage radio unit which was designed in 1929 by Victor Theremin and sold during 1930’s by Radio Corporation of America. This vintage radio unit has significant value for some people since it brings back old time memories of the radio experience during 1930’s periods. This is the reason why there are many people trying to repair and do restoration process on this radio unit. Here we have solution that maybe useful during the reparation process of Theremin electrical system. This is 1929 RCA Theremin vintage radio wiring diagram which describes the internal components of the radio unit complete with voltage capacity and signal direction from one component to another. 1929 Theremin wiring diagram is dedicated to create easy understandable guidance during the reparation or restoration process and avoid any electrical problems. 1929 Theremin wiring diagram is consisting of pitch control ROD, variable pitch oscillator, fixed pitch oscillator, detector modulator, amplifier, power AF amplifier, volume control, volume control oscillator, oscillator resonant coil, link voltage adjustment switch, auxiliary receptacle, etc. 1929 Theremin wiring diagram also explains cables color information and the connection of them into all components. It is important to do the restoration or reparation process based on this configuration any modification process on the circuit system is not recommended.

see 1929 Theremin wiring diagram here

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